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  • chicken CB featured
    Main courses

    Chicken Cordon Bleu

    Chicken Cordon Blue. This dish is just fun to say, let alone to eat. And believe me, this is really good to eat! Chicken Cordon Bleu in a Dutch Oven is even better than…

  • Cinnamon roll featured
    Breads Desserts

    Dutch Oven Cinnamon Rolls

    These are absolutely killer Dutch Oven cinnamon rolls! If you don’t love these, you really don’t like cinnamon rolls at all. Yeah, they’re that good. Some people are intimidated by making a yeast dish…

  • Stuffed chop featured
    Main courses

    Easy Stuffed Pork Chops

    While the stuffed pork chops with mushroom sauce is definitely one of my favorites. I don’t always have the time to go to that much effort. As far as stuff pork chops go, you…

  • twice baked pototo featured
    Side dishes

    Twice Baked Potatoes

    This twice baked potatoes recipe is a show stopper. People go nuts over them whenever I make them. I will show how to make them all in Dutch ovens, but if you want to…

  • cobbler featured

    Blueberry Cobbler

    When people think of Dutch ovens they often think of cobbler. And blueberry cobbler is at the top of the cobbler list. It’s a staple for any Dutch ovener, if that’s a word. Cobblers…

  • Garlic Cheese Rolls feature

    Garlic Cheese Rolls

    Sometimes, you want great food that only looks like it took a lot of effort. In fact, most of the time. This recipe is definitely in that category. The reason it is so easy…

  • cookie_cooked

    Chocolate Chip Cookie

    This chocolate chip cookie recipe is a favorite every time I make it… and that’s a lot. As a matter of full disclosure, this recipe only makes one cookie – one very big cookie.…

  • Apple_Dumplings

    Apple Dumplings

    If you are an apple lover… and I mean cooked apples… then you will love this apple dumplings recipe. It’s actually my favorite apple based recipe of any kind, and ranks in my top…

  • bread_feature

    Braided Garlic Cheese Bread

    I created this braded garlic cheese bread recipe for a Dutch oven cooking competition a few years back. To be honest, my family isn’t too happy with me if I make any other bread…

  • steak
    Main courses

    Parmesan Encrusted Steak

    This as a great parmesan encrusted steak recipe that is easy to make whether you are cooking in your back yard or in the back country. One of the nice things about it is…

  • stuffing_feature
    Side dishes

    Sausage stuffing

    This is my favorite stuffing recipe. Sausage stuffing. It’s just awesome, and a hit anytime I make it. I suppose it could be made without using a Dutch oven, but what would the fun…

  • Turkey
    Main courses

    Dutch Oven Turkey

    I love doing a turkey in the Dutch oven. So many people end up with dry, tasteless bird when they cook a turkey. That does not happen with this recipe. When I do a…