• Garlic Cheese Rolls feature

    Garlic Cheese Rolls

    Sometimes, you want great food that only looks like it took a lot of effort. In fact, most of the time. This recipe is definitely in that category. The reason it is so easy…

  • cookie_cooked

    Chocolate Chip Cookie

    This chocolate chip cookie recipe is a favorite every time I make it… and that’s a lot. As a matter of full disclosure, this recipe only makes one cookie – one very big cookie.…

  • Apple_Dumplings

    Apple Dumplings

    If you are an apple lover… and I mean cooked apples… then you will love this apple dumplings recipe. It’s actually my favorite apple based recipe of any kind, and ranks in my top…

  • bread_feature

    Braided Garlic Cheese Bread

    I created this braded garlic cheese bread recipe for a Dutch oven cooking competition a few years back. To be honest, my family isn’t too happy with me if I make any other bread…