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My name is Barry Phillips and I’m a Dutch oven-a-holic. I’ve done competition cooking and prepared more meals for large numbers of people than I can count. I have a lot of ovens – and I mean a ton, but always want more. There is no twelve step program to help me, but I’m okay with that. When I did competition cooking I would typically get first place in food, but would often get docked points because I wouldn’t dress up like a mountain man. So they wanted me to spend $300 on thick leather clothing, wear it in 100 degree weather and surround myself with Dutch ovens covered with glowing hot charcoal. Please.

Dutch ovens should not be just about the past and mountain men in my view. They are great for anyone. You don’t have to be in wilderness either. You can, but it’s not a requirement. In fact, I do most of my cooking in my own backyard. Sometimes I just use the Dutch ovens to augment my regular kitchen when I run out of conventional oven space – I do that a lot. Food cooked in Dutch ovens just taste better. Some of that is because the patina of the oven adds to the flavor and part is because the moisture that is preserved. The truth is you can cook ANYTHING that is cooked on a stove or in a conventional oven in a Dutch oven, and you can cook some things that can only be done in a Dutch oven and no other way.

I wouldn’t call myself obsessed, but I’m definitely passionate. I’d like to help change the stigma that you have to be an old overweight mountain man to use Dutch ovens. Bringing Dutch ovens to masses… sounds like a worthy goal. The best part, I get to keep cooking to create more recipes and try more products! I hope you enjoy my site, check back often and tell your friends. I’ll keep the recipes coming.

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