Common Dutch Oven cleaning mistakes

When it comes to cleaning a Dutch Oven, its all about patina – you know, that black coating that build up on a oven over time. We like getting a nice black patina and want to protect it. With that in mind, here’s the top mistakes people do when cleaning a dutch oven:

1. Using Soap. Never, ever, ever use any kind of soap on a Dutch oven once it has been seasoned. If you do, you will need to strip the oven down and re-season it all over again.

2. Burning out the excess food in a fire. While this may be the lazy way to clean an oven, it will destroy the patina over time and will make your food taste like ash… not good.

3. Cleaning with rock salt. Again, using this may actually clean the oven, but it will hurt the patina and give everything a salty flavor. Not great for your next cobbler!

4. Using a wire brush or any metal utinsel. Again, bad for the patina. Use plastic or wooden utinsels only when cleaning. Common plastic scrubbers are the best.

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